Food offer

Even those most demanding in the Tavern Melon will not remain hungry. Choice is a great starting from cold appetizers, real Istrian prosciutto, goat cheese or sausage. Supporters of Italian cuisine and pasta will be delighted with noodles, dumplings or raviolli and in order to add a touch of Istria to your meal we recommend you mixing them with truffles, deers or mushrooms.

Istrian specialties

Come to Istria, and not to try the original Istrian Minestrone would be a sin, but luckily you have a chance in the Tavern Melon. If you belong to those who think that lunch is not lunch without any real meat, we have prepared for you food under the lid (veal, lamb, suckling pig), cutlets, fiorentina and grilled beefsteak, veal steak, chicken steak, mixed meat, sausages in bread, boneless pork loin and definitely try the steak and truffles. To get complete marine atmosphere, there are many excellent fish dishes, among them local calamari, fried calamari and grilled calamari, grilled shrimp and prawns, sea bass, gilthead…

On its own will come also lovers of pizza because their choice is really great, and all this may be sweeten with pancakes or excellent homemade cakes. Offer of drinks is just as impressive as the menu, and we definitely recommend you to try excellent Istrian wines and homemade brandy.


Istrian prosciutto,
sheep cheese and kulen


Cutlets, fiorentina
and grilled beefsteak,


Pancakes and great
homemade cakes


Fried and grilled calamari, grilled shrimp, sea bass, gilthead

Pizzas by
homemade recipe

Large selection of different types of pizza

A variety of

We recommend top quality Istrian wines and local brandy