About us

We wish you the warmest welcome to the Tavern Melon !

Tavern Melon is located in Petrovija, a small town near Umag, on the main road to Buje. The surroundings of our gastronomic space are extremely comfortable and warm with a family atmosphere, which will leave you feeling comfortable while enjoying our cuisine. Canton Melon – Petrovija, Umag, Istria, Croatia. The warm atmosphere is due to the Melon family, which has owned the tavern since 2004.

The rustic atmosphere of the restaurant, where various friendly societies meet regularly, organize bridesmaids and boyfriends, christenings, birthdays, and sometimes they can sing klapa, you can feel the spirit of the Istrian atmosphere. bread, pizza, all the way to traditional Istrian and other dishes at very reasonable prices.


Special occasion hall

Wanting to give you even more intimacy for special occasions, but also because of high demand, we have expanded our space.


Food offer

Even those most demanding in the Tavern Melon will not remain hungry. Choice is a great starting from cold appetizers, real Istrian prosciutto, goat cheese or sausage. Supporters of Italian cuisine and pasta will be delighted with noodles, dumplings or raviolli and in order to add a touch of Istria to your meal we recommend you mixing them with truffles, deers or mushrooms.


Istrian prosciutto,
sheep cheese and kulen


Cutlets, fiorentina
and grilled beefsteak,


Pancakes and great
homemade cakes


Fried and grilled calamari, grilled shrimp, sea bass, gilthead

Pizzas by
homemade recipe

Large selection of different types of pizza

A variety of

We recommend top quality Istrian wines and local brandy


Culinary awards

Owner of Tavern Emanuel Melon is a trademark of tavern because his culinary skills, among other things, boasts a numerous of appearances and awards at festivals and culinary events

  • Participation of Emanuel Melon in popular culinary show of RTL tv “Večera za 5” which deservedly won the first place
  • Third places at the Festival of Istrian Berries and Gastronomic Istria, attendance at the Days of Istria in Belgrade

Spacious ambience

The indoor environment contains 80 seats and as many seats on the terrace where you can sit in the shade on hot summer days. You don’t have to worry about placing your “tin pet” either, as there is ample parking in front of the Melon tavern.